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Hello and welcome to Topknotch My name is Nihal Salem I live in Egypt. I have passion for creating modern, yet sweet and cute baby clothes. As well as any crochet item that can be done. My journey with crochet started since I was 10 years old. My lovely grandmother taugh me knitting and the very basics of crochet, since Then I fell in love with crochet. I started watching tutorials, I learned to read patterns, I crocheted new patterns and stitches, until I felt that I wanted to put my touch to everything I create so I started to design and create my own patterns. 

In addition to my love to doing things with my hand, my addiction to progress is what makes me love crochet this much. I love to see the transformation of a ball of yarn to a piece of crochet cloth to finally an adorable dress, romper or many other possible creations. one of my goals is to inspire others to create things with their hands and experience the satisfying sense of accomplishment when they finish a crochet piece. Thats why I provide free patterns and tutorials here on this blog. I also am working on providing tutorials and workshops in the future. 

About the name “topknotch crochet”

I named this blog topknotch since I try to always do topnotch, high quality patterns and I added the K to the original word to for the word knot which is basically the start of any crochet project or pattern

Thank you for visiting Topknotch

Click here if you want to see my free patterns, Visit my etsy shop to shop for print ready pdf patterns. Or if you have any inquiries contact me

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  1. Mariam

    Love it ❤❤

    1. nihal salem


  2. Mai El-Nakib

    I really loved it❤️❤️ Great job keep going?? waiting for more amazing things❤️

    1. nihal salem


  3. Reyhan Kahya

    Harika bir model, teşekkürler anlatım için:)

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