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Crochet Wall Organizer – Free pattern & Photo Tutorial

Hi Everyone! Today I have another pattern from my room makeover series! Its crochet wall pocket/ wall organizer. It’s a beginner friendly simple pattern. Yet it’s so functional and practical.

I made this wall pocket to hang beside my full length mirror. Since I don’t have a vanity table. So I wanted something to store my makeup and hair accessories beside my mirror. And when it comes to makeup and accessories am very minimal so this wall organizer actually took all my stuff! however you can use this to hang beside your desk for some extra storage, for craft supplies, pens, pencils notebooks etc.

If you don’t already know let me give you some background!

This pattern is part of bigger project that I have been preparing for a while. I am doing a room makeover on a budget using mainly crochet and some other DIYs!! I’am a big believer that our surrounding space affect our mood and productivity levels and I find my self more productive and happy when I have a place that is organized and looks pretty.

Also my room is the space where I work on my blog, sit down and chill, study, and even workout!! so basically If I don’t have a pilates class to teach or a family commitment I’ll be in my room (coz am an extremely introverted human being and I like it) :D. Hence I always want to add new things to my room, make it prettier and more functional that’s why I have created this room makeover series!!

Through out this series you will find cute decorative items as well as some functional/ storage solution items too. So If you are interested to see the rest of the series sign up here and receive all the updates, the free patterns and tutorials as well as the reveal of the before and after!!

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Now lets take you to the pattern!

The materials you will need for this crochet wall pocket are:

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Optional material for decorations:


40 cm wide * 75 cm long. (Excluding the tassels)


Base: 10 cm square = 14sc 11 rows (Alternating 2 sc rows and 1 hdc row)
Pockets: 10 cm square= 11sc *11 rows

Skill level: Beginner

Abbreviations and Glossary (US Terms):

  • ch – chain
  • sc – single crochet
  • hdc – half double crochet
  • ss- slip stitch


  • The pattern is written in us terms, (However the hook size is in mm)
  • Watch this tutorial and apply it through out the pattern to help you achieve straight edges.
  • I added a cotton lining to the base to help keep the shape of the wall pocket. However the pattern is designed to be sturdy enough to keep its shape even without the lining.
  • I decided to make my top pockets with burlap fabric. However you can make it with crochet too if you prefer.
  • I used a glue gun to glue the pompoms and tassel trims to my wall pocket/organizer.



With a 3.5 mm hook, Chain 41
Row 1. Do one sc in each chain. so you have SC, chain 1 and turn
Row 2. Hdc in the very first stitch and all the remaining stitches. Chain 1 and turn
Row 3-4 Do one sc in each stitch from the previous row, chain 1 and turn.
Row 5-74. (Repeat row 2-4)
Row 75 sc in each stitch in the row
Do one final sc row around the 4 edges of your crocheted piece.

Before you make the pockets:

MARK FOR CORRECT PLACEMENT, I used white yarn to mark my rows where the pockets starts and ends. And the gaps between them.

I marked row 1 at the bottom to row 18 to mark the space for the bottom pockets. I left 19-21 as a gap between the bottom and middle pocket, then I marked form 22 to row 40 for the middle pocket. Again I left from row 40 to 43 as gap. Then I decided to make the top pockets with burlap fabric, split it into two pockets & make it a little bit longer than the two other pockets .However if you want to make the third pocket similar to the first ones mark row 44 and 62 then leave the rest as a gap between the pocket and the wooden dowel.

Pockets: Make 2 (or 3 if you choose to make it all crochet)

With a 5 mm hook and double strand of jute/twine yarn
Chain 41
Row 1-19. Do one sc in each chain. Chain 1 and turn.

Assembly & Decorations:

Now place your pockets on its places that you marked previously.

For the bottom pocket you are going to Join the pocket to the base with a sc as shown in this video.(The only difference will be that you are placing the two pieces on top of each other not flat side to side as shown in the video.) Using jute/twine yarn and a 3.5 mm hook starting from the left side going through the bottom edge then the right.
However for the middle part you won’t be able to the bottom edge with the sc edge seam so you are going to make the right and left sides with sc edge seam and the bottom with a tapestry needle

Lastly place your burlap pocket as you see in the picture bellow fold the seam edges then sew it to the base. starting from the bottom edge as you see in the picture (align this bottom edge with the marked stitch that mark the bottom of the pocket). After you sew the bottom you are going to flip it upwards and sew it to the base from the right and left. Finally repeat this again with the second pocket.

Now before moving to the fun part. If you want to add a lining to the base. You may do this now.

And excuse my sewing skills am a terrible sewer :D. although this pocket was designed to be sturdy enough and made with non stretchy yarn. I decided to add a cotton lining to the base to make it even stronger. and prevent stretching. however I didn’t line the pockets coz they are very sturdy and rigid.

Now It’s time to have some fun decorating with pompoms and tassels!!

Here Is a video showing how I made my tassels and pompoms!

Your last step is to attach your pocket to a wooden dowel again with a 3.5 mm hook and jute/twine yarn using the method shown in the video bellow.

I hope you liked this pattern. If you made one, share it with me on Instagram. I would love to see how you adapted it and what variations you made 🙂

Take care and happy crocheting.

As I said at the beginning the post, This pattern is a part of a room makeover using mainly crochet and some other DIYs. If you are interested to see the rest of the series sign up here and receive all the updates, the free patterns and tutorials as well as the big reveal of the before and after!!

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